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I was born in London too far back to remember.  I love children - but can’t eat a whole one……well, unless they’re coated in chocolate, then I might manage it  -  I have worked for most of my life with kids of all ages. Write what you know, so the advice goes, so I have. With my previous knowledge plus I have my five grandchildren often, my writing and stories are a family affair;  I like to watch and observe them and their games, along with their mates and are often the basis for my characters.

They are all brilliant, cool, and wicked. I adore their language.  Oh, bubbling blackberries…doesn’t that just roll off your tongue?  One of my grandsons says this, instead of swearing!  They are also my experts and I consult them regularly and pluck their brains for inspiration.  My eldest grandson had the idea of how to finish my Legends trilogy!

My two daughters while I’m having ‘fun’ with my grandchildren nearly always tell me off!  I do things that cause a mess and give them crazy ideas, apparently; or I give in to them too much, “But they are only learning,” I protest.

    “So what about all the chocolate you give them….”

    “Er.” I reply, “chocolate is good for you, it has been proved scientifically.”  Of course, it does have to be dark chocolate, but we’re not fussy, any coloured chocolate will do.

And how about daydreaming…Dilly Daydream, was what my parents called me, but oh it is such a workable excuse; try it.  It’s best to pretend you are thinking about a story…after all you have to go with the moment, the idea the flow, don’t you?  I can get away with anything then, housework, cooking…all those boring things you have to do in life unless you are a writer!  



 A book is a dream you hold in your hand. Imagination, problem solves and creates everything on earth.  I am proud to present my storybooks that light up children's incredible imagination.  Some of my books are picture books for younger children and others for new readers to my bestselling YA  adventures The LEGENDS TRILOGY that were Semi-finalist in Brit Awards -  My latest new picture book is Turmeric and Magic that tells the story of how dreams can come true even if you are different with determination.

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Adventure, magic, and myth. Two children born from a legendary past.

 ''This story contains all the elements required to make it successful and appeal to children; exploring children's emotions, family ties, and relationships with influential grandparents and of course a good plot. Magic, flying horses, trolls, and transporting through a laptop!'' Primary Times



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Lia Ginno children's books is proud of every project that she has created. Each one has a prominent role in my career and has been enjoyed by fans of all ages and backgrounds. Browse through the list of titles below.

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Dyslexia-Smart: tailored for dyslexic readers but can be read by anyone. This is a compilation of three stories by different writers, each with a different twist. We meet a talking football, a drowned smuggler, and an apparition that appears out of the loo.  Plenty of variety!  There are small line drawings set in the text. By wrapping the word ‘ghosts’ from front to back, the cover design encourages a child who is dyslexic to anticipate the word without seeing the whole of it written down. This will be a good achievement, if they can do it. The drawing is a big clue!


Hands up all those who have weird Nannies? Nanny loves all her grandchildren like all good Grandma’s, but she has always fancied herself as a witch.  The problem is have her grandchildren inherited her magic or were they spellbound by her enchantment?  Was she making sure the next generation would have some of her magic?  What was she teaching them?….

Four stories capture the imagination of children with jokes and activities.


Amy is about to celebrate her ninth birthday. She is a dreamer with an awe-inspiring imagination and has a desire to be a detective when she grows up.  A series of puzzling and spooky things start to happen at her school, and she decides this is her chance to ‘practice’ working out clues and is determined to unlock the mystery.  With the help of her best friends Sam and Charlie, they are drawn into the haunting darkness of a secret.


A crocodile with a smile, a pig doing a jig, Joe the crow, and a Mummy cat that has lost her hat. Then there are the three mean bears. Plus ideas for games.


Magna Carta. A funny, factual account with jokes and activities for primary school-age children.


Lia Ginno children's books are extremely proud and excited to share my latest book. This was one positive image story that really needed to be told. A determined different dragon looks for her dream.

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